Rebus Books was founded by Bill Kartalopoulos to publish books of comics and other works of visual exposition that implicitly explore and reveal the expressive possibilities of the comics form. Rebus Books' first publication is Barrel of Monkeys by Ruppert and Mulot. See previews and order online at rebusbooks.net.

Rebus Books will not be exhibiting at this year’s SPX festival, but copies of Barrel of Monkeys will be available from Frémok at W69.

Artists Yvan Alagbé and Dominique Goblet will represent Frémok, and will bring with them a number of new releases. These include Plus si entente, a gorgeous new avant-garde work produced collaboratively by Goblet and Kai Pfeiffer; École de la misère, Alagbé’s new meditation upon intertwined legacies of colonialism and desire (recently reviewed on The Comics Journal); Histoire de la Belgique (pour tous) a brand new Cowboy Henk book by Kamagurka and Herr Seele that offers a hilariously absurd false history of Belgium presented in comics and surreal paintings; and Dernière bande, the self-proclaimed final graphic novel by “the Pope of Frémok,” Alex Barbier

Other titles on hand will include Frémok’s Cowboy Henk anthology, an instant sell-out at MoCCA; Eric Lambé’s ball-point-pen masterpiece, Le fils du roi; Stefan Van Dinther’s CHRZ; other works by Alagbé and Goblet; and many more fascinating and exquisitely produced titles. 

Alagbé and Goblet will appear in conversation with Bill Kartalopoulos on Saturday at 1:30 in the White Flint Auditorium:

The Roots of Frémok: Yvan Alagbé and Dominique Goblet

Yvan Alagbé and Dominique Goblet are foundational figures in the poetic comics movement represented by the the avant-garde publishing house Frémok. Alagbé’s work expresses in harsh lines and soft tones his narratives of mysterious desire and explosive cultural conflict, as in his most recent book, École de la misère. Goblet’s work troubles the distinctions between fiction and autobiography, and between narrative comics and poetic image-making. Her new graphic novel Plus si entente was produced collaboratively with Kai Pfeiffer to test the possibilities of narrative within the comics form. Moderated by Bill Kartalopoulos.

Frémok’s presence at SPX represents a still-rare opportunity to learn more about the history of this unique and significant publisher, and to explore their backlist and latest publications. 

Ruppert and Mulot on drugs, for Professeur Cyclope. Click the right arrow to navigate. 

Rebus Books at MoCCA:

Rebus Books will be sharing table G4 with Domino Books at the MoCCA Arts Festival. In addition to the critically acclaimed Barrel of Monkeys, Rebus will carry copies of Ruppert & Mulot’s latest book Un Cadeau, the incredibly innovative comic that literally must be dissected to be read. These are the only copies of this unprecedented book that are available in the United States. In addition, Rebus will carry copies of Hillary Chute’s just-released book Outside the Box, collecting her interviews with major cartoonists from the pages of The Believer and elsewhere. Rebus will also be hosting Julia Gfrörer, who will have a new edition of her comic book “Too Dark to See,” with a new cover, and other comics including “In Pace Requiescat” and “Black Light.” Finally, Rebus Books will, as always, carry a selection of imported international books, including the following:

  • Issues of the leading international journal of comics and drawing, Collection Revue, featuring heavily illustrated interviews with artists including Yuichi Yokoyama, Gary Panter, Benjamin Marra, David Shrigley, Moolinex, Fabio Viscogliosi, and many more. All text is published in both French and English.
  • Soft City by Pushwagner
  • P+O by Richard McGuire
  • Da Capo by Fabio Viscogliosi
  • 2wBOX Set I: Featuring miniature silkscreened comics by Richard McGuire, Lauren Redniss, Blexbolex, and others
  • Issues of Collection Dans la Marge’s “Cahiers de dessins contemporains” series spotlighting rare work by Nine Antico and Blexbolex.

Most of these books are otherwise unavailable in the US. Many are in extremely short supply and will imminently be out of stock.

Typically, Rebus has also carried distro items by the groundbreaking Belgium-based publisher Frémok at festivals and events. However, we are pleased to note that Frémok will be exhibiting at the MoCCA Festival at the neighboring table, G3, and we are even more excited to note that influential artist Frédéric Coché will be appearing with Frémok and as part of the Festival’s programming. This weekend presents a unique opportunity to meet Coché and to discover Frémok’s backlist and latest publications. 

Finally, submissions for The Best American Comics 2015 will be accepted all weekend at the Rebus Books table. All new, North American work published since Sept. 1, 2013 is eligible for consideration for The Best American Comics. Please label all submissions with contact information and date of publication

Death and Staples 


In James Collins’ grimly comic piece Let Me Count the Days, for the NYTimes Opinionator series Private Lives, the author recalls the moment that brought him face-to-face with his own mortality: an encounter with a box of staples. Realizing that he owns more staples than he can possibly use…

New York Times Art Director Alexandra Zsigmond discusses her selection of Ruppert and Mulot to draw a comic for the paper’s “Private Lives” blog.

Believer magazine reviews editor Daniel Levin Becker picks Barrel of Monkeys as his book of the year in Salon's annual critics poll. Order your copy today from Rebus Books.  

Ruppert & Mulot’s short story “La Poubelle de la Place Vendome,” originally published by lassociation as part of the Patte de Mouche collection, has been translated in this month’s Brooklyn Rail and is available on the publication’s website

Slate's book editor lists Barrel of Monkeys among his top 15 books (of any kind) of 2013.

This book of deeply offensive short comics, by two French cartoonists, successfully bridges the seemingly unbridgeable gap between charmingly whimsical and disturbing-as-hell.

Order your copy today directly from Rebus Books

Incredible: a video preview of Ruppert & Mulot’s new book from lassociation, “Un Cadeau:” a book about an autopsy that must be dissected to be read.



Ok, i know i’m just one person and the year isn’t over yet (I know you’re all preparing sick stuff for CAB) but this was on my mind so here it goes. The Sacred Prism awards for 2013 in comics, the PRISMOS….


BEST BOOK: BARREL OF MONKEYS - Florent Ruppert and Jérôme Mulot

BEST SERIES: ______ Comic - Michael DeForge, Mickey Z, Patrick Kyle

BEST ARTIST: Simon Hanselmann - ST. OWL’S BAY


BEST ANTHOLOGY: WEIRD #3 - Noel Freibert (Editor)




BEST SHOW: TCAF - Chris Butcher & Friends




Ian Harker picks Barrel of Monkeys as book of the year for the 2013 Sacred Prism awards. 

Byron Coley (Forced Exposure) and Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) rave about Barrel of Monkeys in Arthur Magazine #35’s “Bull Tongue” column: "Amazing shit–those French guys can really doodle!"

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